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Idea: gluten free low glycemic cookbook for diabetics & allergy sufferers

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Gluten-Free Low Glycemic Diet

Ultimate Recipes for EVERY Body

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* Desserts and Comfort Food You Will Love!
* Allergy-Friendly Diet Solution
* Paleo and Primal Diet Solutions
* Diabetic - Friendly, Low-Glycemic Diet Solutions
* Gluten-Free and Celiac Disease Diet Solutions

* Blog

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Gluten-Free Without Weight Gain!

Have Fun Making Yummy, Gourmet Tasting, Gluten-Free,
Low-Glycemic Meals the Quick and Easy Way.
Delicious Desserts Too!

This is an eBook Cookbook which you can download and print

Debbie Johnson
Debbie Johnson
Best-selling author of Think Yourself Thin Fun With Gluten-Free,
Low-Glycemic Food Cookbook, Rich delicious food you can eat is an eBook
cookbook by Debbie Johnson, former owner and executive chef of The
Golden Chalice Restaurant & Gallery, a 100% gluten-free, sugar-free,
low-glycemic, organic, allergy-friendly establishment. (An eBook is an
electronic book that downloads to your computer)

Advantages of an eBook cookbook

This is the first Cookbook
of its kind

Every Recipe is Completely Gluten-Free, Sugar-Free (except fruit),
Digestion-Friendly, Allergy-Friendly and Low Glycemic with Meat,
Poultry, Fish meals and Tree-Nut-Free, Dairy-Free, Vegan and Vegetarian
Options for most recipes.
Many guests at The Golden Chalice didn't have a clue that these
delightful dishes were so healthy!

Most recipes astonishingly simple and quick, for almost any special
diet that will tickle your tongue with pleasure!

One Dietician said,
"...cookbook that does the impossible!"

* 100% Gluten Free and Low Glycemic
* Diabetic Friendly
* No refined sugars, only fruit
* Allergies covered for Most recipes
Tree Nuts
Soy (except Bragg aminos)
* Great Digestion Combinations
* 100% Great Flavor, gourmet recipes

Some people were in tears of joy at The Golden Chalice. They'd look up
at the servers and say things like, "You mean I can eat anything on
this menu, anything?"
The server would smile and say, "Yes, you can eat anything you like."
Never did we expect the type of emotional reactions we got from our
food-sensitive guests. It really showed us the tremendous need that
exists for these folks. There's so much food and yet so little that
this group can eat, how sad.


After the meal people would say - "What delicious food! Please teach a
cooking class." And when they left our establishment, "I feel so
satisfied, but not stuffed! I have energy, unlike how I feel at a
normal restaurant."
* Do you have or know anyone who has celiac disease
(gluten-intolerance) or is diabetic, or, as in many unfortunate
cases, both?
* Do you know anyone who has allergies or illness of any kind?
* What about all three?

Every single recipe in this book covers all three issues at the same
time and are still incredibly yummy, satisfying, and fulfilling. None
of the recipes use corn, soy - except for one special, safe, non-GMO,
very easy-to-digest liquid form - or even rice (high-glycemic), or
flour of any kind, except seed or nut flours. Delicious dairy-free
alternatives are also given. Very few allergens are used, and
alternatives given for most known allergens, including certain recipes
that give alternatives to tree nuts.

These Recipes are More Alkaline

It's been proven that people are much healthier eating a more alkaline
diet. That means a lot more fruits and veggies along with legumes and
certain nuts and seeds, especially sprouted nuts and seeds which you
will learn how to do in this book.

The recipes in this eBook have been helpful for people with everything
from Celiac disease and diabetes to IBS (irritable bowel syndrome).
Also, every recipe in this book contains "healing" food of some type.
This is according to the may books written by doctors who are experts
in the field of nutrition.

Learn the Secret of People Who Get Off Insulin!

Eating the way this book suggests: lots of veggies hidden in wonderful
flavors, and very low-glycemic, combined with steady, regular exercise,
has helped some people get off insulin and lead healthier, more
energetic lives. Articles abound about people who have eaten lots of
vegetables and fruits, fiber and protein and exercised several times a
week and have gotten off insulin.

Our entire restaurant was geared to people with food and environmental
sensitivities of all kinds, yet we didn't advertise the fact on our
signage. So locals came in and thought we were just a fine gourmet
restaurant. Who wouldn't? our menu offered only the freshest, organic,
foods that were rich, flavorful, and delicious. Desserts were always a
must at The Golden Chalice, they were just hard to resist.

Gluten-Free Quiche Rosemary Onion Quiche

Fun With Gluten-Free, Low-Glycemic Food Cookbook by Debbie Johnson

To order this eBook:
-PayPal - The safer, easier way to pay online!

Only $17.00

Note: After your purchase, click the Return to Golden Chalice
button on the
Thank you for your Payment - PayPal page to redirect you to the
download page.


Learn more about the great things you're doing for your body by using
the Fun With Gluten-Free, Low-Glycemic Food Cookbook . Get the cookbook
now and educate yourself with this bonus. You'll see how much better,
younger and stronger you'll feel by eating the foods in the cookbook.

Healing Foods

This eBook has nothing to do with weight loss. This is about adding
foods to your life that have been shown to help heal or prevent
disease. The eBook has helped people to:
* Learn which foods contain beneficial qualities.
* Understand what those qualities are.
* Make choices that might prevent illness.

A little information can go a long way when it comes to proper
nutrition. This quick guide should do the trick.

A $6.95 Value!

Debbie Johnson, best-selling author of Think Yourself Thin also wrote a
"Natural Recipe" Column for The Edge Magazine. She shares ALL of her
gluten-free, diabetic-friendly recipes with you. They were developed
over several decades of dedicated work to insure flavor, originality
and best of all, simplicity!

Plus, Debbie has developed recipes especially for this book. You will
be the first to see them and try them to your delight, as well as your
family's and guests.'

Feel Great
Stay Healthy, Young, Slim and Strong for Life!

People who eat this way often find they are actually reversing the way
they look and feel. Also, "the recipes in this book are easier to
digest" according to Scott Myron Cheshaek, L.Ac, because of the
combination of ingredients, and preparation style.

These recipes came about due to Debbie's own personal health
challenges. "I had something like chronic fatigue; just no energy, so
my doctor told me I had to stop eating sugar or any sweetener at all
for a whole year!" Debbie says. "I could eat non-nutritive sweetener,
but I liked using natural sweeteners, like Stevia. Unfortunately,
Stevia has an aftertaste. So I had to find a way to get things to taste
like I was being bad and eating sweets, which I truly loved!

"When I was young, my mother was on Weight Watchers® and I would do
everything I could to make her happy (yes, I had a desperate need for
her approval) But I also loved cooking for special diets even back
then. Now I had to do it for myself! So I invented a blend of Stevia
and something else, which you'll learn in my book, that made it taste
wonderful, just like sugar! I came up with some really fun recipes and
made it through the year, adjusting my blood-sugar to safe levels.

"Then it got worse! I found out I could eat very few grains, and not
much, if any. So I went back to the kitchen and cooked up some new
recipes. I'm happier, healthier, and have more energy than ever before
after finally accepting that I must be cautious about my food intake. I
still eat as much as I want, and snack whenever I want. I can't stand
restaurant food now, after my own cooking and my own restaurant,
because it was so delicious, satisfying, fresh and natural. It felt so
good in my body and I was even healthier than ever eating there every

Learn to Easily Convert Your Favorite Recipes to Your Necessary Standards! No
Longer Be a Slave to Your Illness!

Enjoy nearly any recipe you have by following a few simple guidelines
to substitute sugar and flour in almost any recipe.

"My staff exclaimed that they were getting over their own fatigue and
illness of various kinds, like IBS. Many people are finding that gluten
and sugar cause many illnesses and when removed from the diet, create
stunning health. I want to help others who have been in situations like
mine. "

Make carrot cake that no one will realize has no grain flour! (just one
tablespoon amaranth flour, which is really not a grain, but a seed) And
an exotic dairy-free frosting that is also sugar-free but tastes even
better than cream-cheese!

The amazing, miraculous thing is that it tastes not only as good as,
but better than the "normal" carrot cake you can get anywhere or make
from a typical recipe. The same is true of every single recipe in the
book, refined by time and tasting for over thirty years.

What is the secret to delicious, simple food?

"What I learned from these chefs is that the best-tasting food is made
with fewer ingredients, fresh and simple!" -- Debbie Johnson

Debbie shares all of these secrets with you. She learned from many
chefs over the years and herself was a chef at the Peppermill Soup
Kitchen in Encinitas, California, as well as executive chef for her own
restaurant, using her own recipes exclusively. They sell for $500 per
recipe for commercial use.

Vegans, Meat-eaters, those with Special Dietary Needs, Organic Lovers, and

Everyone will delight in the mix and match recipes. Many are easy to
adapt and explain how to do them in the way that fits your lifestyle,
simply and easily.

"Now I don't even want anything with gluten or sugar, it doesn't even
appeal to me; in fact, it repels me to even think about! My body is
used to the clean, delicious taste of the food I eat."

"Can you believe I've gone from a cookie-monster to a vegetable addict?
I have to have my vegetables! The flavor secrets I use make it so
enjoyable to eat every meal. I want you to experience the same thing."
-- Debbie Johnson, author of Fun with GF/LF Food.

Discover a new world of yummy, satisfying food that is
fun to cook and eat, such as:

* How you can make Cream Soups and sauces with or without real cream
and very low-glycemic thickeners.
* Enjoy Hearty Stews without flour or potatoes!
* Hide your Vegetables and get more flavor -But without having to
even think about it; this book will give you simple instructions,
quick and easy.
* Learn to make easy, Quick Desserts that use no flour, but have more
flavor. Cakes, tarts, truffles and pies all made with no flour!
* Make rich, filling Ice-Cream and alternative with nuts (no dairy,
no rice, no soy)!
* Learn a safe, very-low-glycemic Proprietary Blend to Sweeten nearly
anything to taste like sugar, with no sugar or refined sweeteners
of any kind! This took Debbie many years to develop.
* Learn to make simple, quick Salad Dressings that people came to the
restaurant just to get. A blender is all you need for most recipes,
including homemade salad dressings that are to-die-for or better
yet; to-live-for!
* Discover the secrets to making all food Taste Superb. Simple tricks
for spicing up anything with natural, primal flavor!
* Use Less effort than a typical recipe in many cases.

Debbie's special salad dressing recipes have been sought after for
decades by friends. Her dessert recipes are begged-for, and her soups
requested over and over again. You'll find your palate being surprised
and delighted that health-promoting food can taste so good. It's even
better than what you'll get in any restaurant around, even so-called
health-food restaurants! You may even be motivated to open your own
with these recipes, which is wonderful, just let us know so we can

If you wish to use any of these recipes in your eating establishment or
food business, we'll waive any licensing agreement if you will simply
refer to the cookbook in your menu, label, or whatever you use to share
with folks where you got the recipe.

But for your personal use, you get them all for just $17.00!

Real People Who've Eaten Debbie's Food:

"The Ginger-Sesame Shrimp Salad at Debbie's restaurant, The Golden
Chalice, was one of the better salads I've ever had in my life."
M.C.C., Minnesota

"Debbie's carob-mint brownies are to-die-for!"

A.F., Montana

"The pesto-un-pasta is so flavorful, even kids would like it - not like
"cardboard" flavored health food or veggies, this is really yummy!"
D.Z., Minnesota

"Golden Chalice Cheesecake is my favorite - it's the best I've ever had
and it's healthy to boot!!"
K.Y., California

"Debbie's treats are delicious and wholesome and when she sends me some
I feel so loved. They all taste like special desserts, but I can eat
them without side effects. It's wonderful to be able to eat dessert and
know that my body won't be paying for it the next day."
J.P., Vermont

"When I saw your new dessert recipes (in an email) they sounded so
yummy I wanted to lick the screen!"
R.I., MD

"I can't wait to prepare your mouth-watering recipes and sample this
most delicious food. Gourmet Gluten-free and Low Glycemic Food: there
is no other book in the world like it. If one prepares food in this
way, it will bring abundant health and increase longevity while
spreading joy and pleasure with every meal along the way. Sounds like
heaven on earth. Victor Hugo's famous quote comes to mind. "Nothing is
more powerful than an idea whose time has come."
J.A., CO

You'll Learn Secrets to Success in Cooking

Fun with Gluten-Free, Low-Glycemic Food Cookbook

Throughout the book you'll get lots of tips in these sections,
in making any recipe taste gourmet quality.

This cookbook is filled with 75 simple, gourmet gluten-free and
diabetic- friendly recipes!

There are so many recipes from which to choose you'll have lots of
variety. You'll find your favorites easily and learn to create new ones

Debbie's book will walk you step-by-step through the process.

With so many years of experience, plus the success stories from her
readers, Debbie has this down to a science. There's no fluff to wade
through, just clear and concise, easy to follow information.

That same guarantee is now being offered to you.

Money Back Guarantee

Try Debbie's "Fun with Gluten-Free, Low-Glycemic Food Cookbook" for 8

If by that time you do not feel this book is worth every penny, Debbie
will give you a full refund.

It's that simple!

Debbie Johnson's 100% Money Back Guarantee

Fun with Gluten-Free, Low-Glycemic Food Cookbook eBook

Now It's Your Turn To Make These Recipes

Only $17.00

-PayPal - The safer, easier way to pay online!

Note: After your purchase, click the Return to Golden Chalice button on
the Thank you for your Payment - PayPal page to redirect you to the
download page. Depending on your Internet provider it may take a few
moments so please be patient.

Buy the eBook Now and Get Healthy!

Fun With Gluten-Free, Low-Glycemic Food Cookbook by Debbie Johnson

Only $17.00

-PayPal - The safer, easier way to pay online!

Available on Kindle

Fun With Gluten-Free Low-Glycemic Food Cookbook by Debbie

Buy Printed Book

Fun With Gluten-Free Low-Glycemic Food Cookbook by Debbie

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